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Digital Dental Arts is a small, quality driven dental laboratory specializing in all aspects of functional aesthetic smile design. Our goal is to deliver the most natural looking restorations as possible. We utilize the latest aesthetic materials, equipment and techniques available.

We utilize dependable, proven techniques and integrate these with our recently introduced inEos X5 scanner. This scanner is powered by the latest software to achieve beautiful restorations in timely fashion. You can depend on the scheduled return of your case or, for specific cases, you may want to request an early return with an additional cost. Either way we pledge to deliver. You can rely on the consistent quality of our restorations milled in variety of materials. We are able to provide a wide range of products from all ceramics, porcelain fused to metal, implant restorations and provisionals; all done digitally.

At Digital Dental Arts, we strive to build relationships with our clientele so together we form a team that delivers exceptional and predictable results. Mutual respect and trust is imperative to achieve optimal results.

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Digital Dental Arts
5110 E. Warner Rd. #251
Phoenix, AZ

Telephone 6024322683

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